Suka Suka Sauce prepared by Artger's Star Mongolian BBQ Chefs

Updated: Jun 18

It was one for the ages, as Mongolian BBQ Chef Boldoo from "Wood Fired" and Chef Baysaa from "Khan's Kitchen", took the realm and considered the flavours of the 252ml jar of Suka Suka Sauce. Homeboy Nargie is in the mix while our founder Masia One chills with Mongolian Reggae artist Macho MaFa & International DJ & Music Journalist, BO.

In my travels of Mongolia thus far, from Ulan Bataar to Darkhan, I have found there are not too many spices in the food, prepared fatty and wholesome. Certainly there is a lower tolerance toward 'pedas' spicy flavours, but a desire for the saltiness of Soy or the chunky flavouring of garlic & spring onions.

Suka Suka proves to be a great condiment for heavy meats, the most of which is eaten in Mongolia is mutton and lamb. A more gamey flavour, complimented by the smokey and tangy flavours of Jamaican authentic jerk spice. We discuss the possibility of sponsoring Suka Suka Sauce with tourism Mongolia, for a future showcase of BBQ to a world audience.

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