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A Suka Suka Story

As a SE Asian native, travelling to Jamaica I fell in love with a natural way of life; spending days on white sand beaches with Reggae music and the delicious smells of savoury Jerk BBQ grilling in the air.

Returning to my tours in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand- I realized no Jerk spices or marinade was available in this region, yet SE Asians and Caribbean people share a love for spicy and savoury food.  As I continued to travel the islands of SE Asia, I was reminded of my time in Jamaica, sparking a passion to share those flavours with my friends & family. 

Together with a Malaysia based natural food producer Roselle Farms, we planted the herbs and spices right here in SE Asia and began developing the first 100% natural Jerk marinade grown on Asian soil. Over 3 years, we taste tested the marination with Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian audiences through street parties, corporate events and private food tastings until we arrived at the perfect marinade. 


I present to you in this jar, an unforgettable taste inspired by music, community, culture and memories of my island life.

- Masia One

Suka Suka's Philosophy

Suka Suka Sauce is the world's first 100% natural Jamaican Jerk Marinade. Grown and packed locally in SE Asia, Suka Suka Sauce contains no E-Numbers, preservatives or added sugar.

The fragrant spices of the West Indies meet the rich food cultures of SE Asia with a simple mission: To share One Love, One Jerk dish at a time.

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